06th - 10thJanuary 2020

“It was an outstanding experience. The resource persons were very knowledgeable and covered many inputs related to theory building. Thanks for granting us an understanding especially theory interpretation”

- Ranjitha, Research Scholar, Hyderabad Central University,
Participant in TBTSEM-2018

“Impactful and resourceful workshop. All the sessions organised were fruitful. Learned foundation concepts in theory buildings and advanced techniques in theory testing”.

- Auro Kumar Sahoo, faculty, VSSUniversity of Technology,
Participant in TBTSEM-2018

About Workshop

We are organising a 5-day workshop on “Theory Building and Testing using Structural Equation Modeling”. The positive feedback from the participants gave us extra vigour to offer you the practice and application based workshop where you will experience every day new skills and acquire knowledge to perform research in a better way. This is not-for-profit workshop which is designed to offer you the best research perspectives from the best in the field.

The workshop will expose participants to the foundations of research methodology, identification of research problem, formulating research question/ objectives/ hypotheses, application of advanced statistics in research such as Structural Equation Modelling (SEM). SEM is widely used by researchers to analyse the inter-relationships among constructs in a model. Upon understanding the concept of SEM, the participants will enjoy the hands-on guides on how to execute SEM using AMOS software, and also how to interpret the results.

The workshop also gives an opportunity to discuss participants’ research topics or identify topics.

The primary mission of institutions of higher learning is the generation and dissemination of knowledge. The low acceptance rates at the leading research journals suggests the need to increase the quality of the research manuscripts produced. Studies that are mainly descriptive and lack precise conceptual framework and theoretical implications are rejected to be published in peer reviewed journals at the initial round of reviews.

A research must be judged on the basis of meeting the currently accepted standards for scholarly research and thus capable of being published in premier journals indexed in Scopus, ABDC and Web of Science. Theory building & testing and making meaningful contribution is the key focus for the indexed journals. A way to make significant contribution is incorporating advanced methods like structural equation modelling in doctoral and academic research. Structural Equation Modelling (SEM) is a very versatile and powerful method for modelling and testing complex relationships among multiple variables.

AMOS (Analysis of Moments Structures) is a software which enables researchers to analyse the inter-relationships among constructs having multiple indicators in a model. Using AMOS graphic, the analysis is executed effectively, accurately and efficiently. And more importantly, the inter-relationships in a model are computed simultaneously. Recently almost all established journal publishers proposed the use of model in writing.


The major aim of this workshop is to discuss the important methodological skills required to perform quality research and the processes of theory building and testing using structural equation modelling.

Key takeaways

After attending the workshop one can identify research gap through Systematic Literature Review (SLR) and develop and test the theory through structural equation modelling using AMOS in research. Further, the participants acquire other important research skills mentioned in the schedule.

Who can attend?

This workshop is intended for PhD scholars, junior faculty or senior faculty looking for better insights and approaches, who want to perform quality research and publish results in premier journals indexed in Scopus, ABDC and Web of Science.